are you trying to employ me?

please stop reading. this is not what you're looking for. this is not a blog about React or good testing principles or whatever. anyways I'm very happily employed with dropbox. our two year anniversary is coming up and I'm helplessly brainwashed. DROPBOX IS THE BEST COMPANY ON THE PLANET



I had these dreams while traveling around Africa and taking a bunch of doxycycline, a malaria vaccine that makes your dreams super vivid. They're undoctored except for the parts where I replace people's names with stupid internet usernames. Here is the original note I wrote prefacing them in my evernote notebook at the time: The fact … Continue reading DOXYCYCLINE DREAM JOURNAL

My Experience with Hand Foot Mouth Disease (23 year old female)

I've wanted to start a blog for a while but what really ended up helping make the decision to do it was this horrible shitty shitty terrible experience with a disease called hfmd. Hand foot mouth disease is a children’s disease that I somehow contracted from one of my housemates who I hadn’t interacted with … Continue reading My Experience with Hand Foot Mouth Disease (23 year old female)